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Aiir CC


A Custom Control Centre Theme!

Aiir CC Theme

Custom made Control Center Theme. Comes with 2 different sizes to best match your current theme and preference.

Smaller Size Icons - Just a bit smaller then the IOS Stock icons.

Bigger Size Icons - These Icons will match the IOS Stock icons. (Bigger size currently only available for Notched Devices)

Two Styles Available:

  • Glyph Icons
  • Circle Icons Both Styles are located in ""\Library\Themes\AiirCC (SIZE)\Icons - (STYLE)"

All icons made by me, with multiple alternative icons in the works! Works flawlessly with Prysm and Magma and I recommend both those tweaks highly. Note: You do not need Prysm for this theme, it will theme the default stock Control Center BUT it will not theme your Wifi and Bluetooth icon for that you will need to buy "BetterCCiconsPro" this is the only workaround i know. You do not beed this wuth Prysm as it solves that issue.

If you have any issues with icons, please contact me and I will try to resolve as fast and best as possible.

If you use Prysm, you will have to copy the icons over to the Prysm folder everytime Prysm updates. This step takes less than a minute to do using filza. Follow instructions below and feel free to contact me if you have questions


Must have Snowboard and Snowboard UI Extensions.

Instructions - Read Carefully

2 Sets of instructions are available. Full Step-By-Step and Quick instructions

Full Step-By-Step Instructions:

Go to:

Quick Instructions:

You must have:

  • CCModules
  • FlipConvert - REPO:
  • FlipSwitches - REPO:
  • SnowBoard
  • SnowBoard UI Extension - Found on Sparks Discord Open the Sparks Discord page > on the left pane, go to Snowboard, then top right "Pinned Messages" Snowboard UI should be the top one)
  • iThemer
  • Use either iThemer OR Snowboard + Snowboard UI Extension

Theming Prysm: (Not Necessary, Skip if you do not have Prysm)

  • Make a backup of Prysm "Icons" folder
  • Located in "\Library\Application Support\Prysm\Icons"
  • Next go into "\Library\Themes\AiirCC (SIZE)\Icons - (SIZE)"
  • Open the folder of the icon size you want (Glyph or Circle)
  • Copy all icons and navigate back to "\Library\Application Support\Prysm\Icons"
  • Paste the new icons into the "Icons" folder and overrite the old ones.
  • Respring Note: Do not move any other folders into the Prysm folder. The only icons we are themeing this way are the connectivity icons

Theming CC Toggles:

  • Open Snowboard > Enable > Aiir CC - (Size you want)
  • OR
  • Open iThemer > Enable > Aiir CC - (Size you want) You do not need both iThemer and Snowboard (you can, but not needed. It just needs to be enabled in one)
  • Respring

Theming CC Animated Toggles:

  • Navigate to Settings App>Control Centre>Customize Controls.
  • Add the new FlipConvert toggle which has the theme
  • Respring

Magma Evo Theme:

  • Aiir Blue:
  • Copy all text > Magma Evo > Import


Please look at the Changelog section for all update notes.

Future Updates:

  • More Icons Toggles
  • Alternate icons

Discounts and Payment:

Can't afford to purchase this or can't purchase the theme in your country? PLEASE contact me. DO NOT pirate this theme. We can work out an alternative. You can reach me anytime on Twitter (link below)

For a FREE alternative to AiirX, check out "Aiir Status Bar". This is regarded as a "Free Trial" for AiirX. It includes a few Signal / Wifi icons but none of the other elements.

Contact Information

You can contact me on twitter Like what i've made and feel like supporting me?