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Blur and Bright Mixed!

Hello Jailbreak Community :)

I'm proud to present to you my next and second Theme : BlurBright

I've been working on this theme since a few weeks, and there is more stuff to do ;) This theme is a mix of blur, bright colors and gradients. After the release of my first theme ARO, i've learned some new tricks, and i've put everything i learned in this theme. Those icons were made on Illustrator.

This theme includes:

  • 200+ Themed icons
  • Alt icons (more to come)
  • Statusbar theme Wifi & Signal
  • 1 Icon mask
  • 3 Alt Badges
  • 5 Icon effects
  • 4 minimalistic shadow effects
  • (btw those are my first shadows effects that i have made, so it was difficult to find the right resolution so that it matches with these icons. A big Thank You to u/misterjrw and to Att57 that helped me out :D)

You have icon requests? Fill this out ;)

(I will try to work more on the Games icon requests, the Icon itself looks good, that means, some games icons are hard to replace because of the design they have, but will try to do something about it)

Opinions and suggestions are appreciated

Wallpaper by @AR72014

Thanks for your attention and have fun with this theme :)