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Calugaru Alexandru

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Aurora (Beta)

So the story of Aurora is simple. I wanted to have both a skeumorphic look and a modern look at the same time. I also wanted to be my way, to stand apart from other themes and the result is yours to try. The theme is not finished yet. There are features to come so install it at your own will.

Requires Snowboard, iThemer or Anemone to work. I've only tested it on Snowboard so if there are issues on the other theme engines, please let me know at @Axel4Punk on twitter.

Compatibility: iOS 7 - 13.x

FEATURES (for now):

• 290+ ICONS • 100+ ALTERNATIVE ICONS • 12 WALLPAPERS accessible here • 2 RESPRING LOGOS


How do I request icons?

No icon requests for now. I have a lot of requests going on

How do I connect with the developer?

Via Twitter. I would love to hear suggestions from you, feedback and some dope setups as well :)

How do I get my money back?

DM me on twitter or e-mail me. You are allowed to ask for a refund in the first 24h from the purchase.

This is my first new theme since 2016 so I hope you appreciate it because I'm working hard to make it perfect. Much love!

Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!