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Dylan West

Color iOS system-wide

Got tired of using system light and dark mode? Looking for something to add some coloring to your device? Colorful bring various color elements to your device, you can set color for light and dark mode, when you change your system's appearance and it will change the color too. You can have two color options for light and dark mode. Make sure you take a look at features list and compatible too.


  • For return customers who purchased ColorizeChat can purchase this tweak for $1.49


  • Calculator - Background, keypad and label color
  • Camera - Background, shutter button, shutter ring, tint and interaction tint color
  • Lockscreen - Time & Date, quick action button (Notch device only), lock icon color
  • Passcode - Background gradient (animation) and keypad color
  • Navigation Bar - Background and title color
  • Phone - Dialer gradient background (animation), call button and keypad color
  • SpringBoard - Page control, folder gradient background (animation), folder border, widget background, spotlight gradient background (animation), badges background, badges label, 3D menu background, icons and labels color.
  • System Color - Interaction tint, system background, cell background, cell selection and cell footer color
  • System Wide - Segment control, home bar (notch device only), text selection, text cursor, scrolling bar gradient (animation), switch on and off state, search bar, activity sheet gradient background, activity sheet cell background and swipe action button color.
  • Status bar - Battery, WiFi, Cellular, UIImage Icons and Labels color.
  • Tab Bar - gradient background (animation) and icons color.
  • (Please note you can use colorful system-wide but not all apps or 3rd party apps will work
  • Will add more options soon if users request it.


  • iOS 13 (Tested on iOS 13.5)
  • iPhone
  • iPad (Some elements won't work on iPad i.e camera, dialer background and calculator color as some intended for iPhone)


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