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Dylan West

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Requested by users - Melody bring music artwork background image to your device system-wide, when playing Apple Music or Spotify it will apply the artwork image on various UI Elements. By default on iOS, you can see the artwork image on LockScreen player sheet, on Control Center and in Music or Spotify App and if you are looking for more options to have music artwork image on SpringBoard or in-apps or Spotlight or Control Center or LockScreen or Activity Sheet or Prysm or Folders or Tab Bar then look no further, you have come to right place. With Melody, you can either have full screen artwork or apply some masks and adjust coordinate positions. Make sure check the features list and compatibility before purchasing. Take a look at promo video here.

Melody Features

  • Lockscreen background
  • Lockscreen player sheet
  • SpringBoard background
  • Spotlight background
  • Folder background
  • Phone dialer background
  • Control Center
  • Prysm
  • Message chat background
  • Tab Bar background (Please note not all third-party apps will work with Melody)
  • In-Apps background (Please note not all third-party apps will work with Melody)
  • Full screen background
  • Apply masks - comes with 35 pre-templated masks (You can create your own mask, there's tutorial in prefs)
  • Scale mask size
  • Adjust mask coordinate X and Y axis
  • Customizable which elements to apply artwork images


  • AppList from BigBoss repo
  • Cephei from Chariz repo


  • iOS 13 (Tested on iOS 13.3 and 13.5 I haven't test it on 13.5.1 or betas and above)
  • iPhone running iOS 13 and above
  • iPad running iPadOS 13 and above (Some features doesn't work i.e phone dialer background)


  • iOS 12 and below

Support If you experience any bugs please report on Twitter or join my Discord server here..