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Dylan West

Custom background images system-wide

Ever get bored of plain system appearance in some applications? iOS only offer two wallpaper option for Lockscreen and SpringBoard, they should offer more wallpaper options and if you are looking for something more to spice up your device's background, you have come to right place and MyWall bring custom images to your device system-wide. You won't need to use one photo for all UI Elements, you can set 5 seperate photos for each UI Elements, you can apply the background images system-wide to some apps from the AppList. If you have my another tweak FloatyTab, you can use MyWall with FloatyTab.


  • SpringBoard folders background image
  • Phone dialer background image
  • Activity sheet background image (system-wide)
  • UITabBar background image (system-wide, not all applications)
  • UITableView background image (system-wide, not all applications)
  • Adjust cells alpha
  • Hide separator lines
  • Might add some more elements soon

Important Information

Please NOTE not all applications from AppStore use UITabBar or UITableView so if you experience any issues or crashed then please disable that appication from the AppList and I strongly advise you not to enable all applications from AppList at once, try enable few at times. I have tested it on various applications, mostly stocks and third party applications.


  • iOS 13 (Tested on iOS 13.3 and 13.5 I haven't test it on 13.5.1 or betas)
  • iPhone
  • iPad


  • iOS 12

Support If you experience any bugs please report on Twitter or join my Discord server here.