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Fuji Forever

Emil Avara

macOS on iOS, reimagined...

Fuji Forever

macOS on iOS reimagined...

Fuji Forever contains a macOS inspired lock screen widget.


  • Set your profile name
  • Set your profile picture through an image link
  • Dark mode / light mode
  • Customizable chevron text
  • MK1 toggles for locking and respringing
  • Built-in battery and music widget
  • Dynamic wallpaper blur


Fuji uses MK1 and its Xen HTML addon to make the respring and lock buttons to work. MK1 is still in beta so it's not on a repo yet. You'll have to install the .deb files on your own. Filza can install them for you. You can find MK1 on their official Discord.

Setting up

Here are some tips in setting up Fuji in the most optimal way possible.
Be sure to set Fuji in the Foreground, this ensures that the MK1 buttons and info widgets work as intended.
Enabling Prioritize Touch in Widget in Xen HTML's Advanced tab might help non-responsive buttons.

I also recommend Lower by s1ris, to adjust your notifications. You can find it for free on their repo.


  • Xen HTML 2
  • MK1 + Xen HTML 2 addon (optional) Fuji Forever is powered through Xen HTML 2 which is needed in order to run.

Refund policy

You are ONLY eligible for a refund if something is wrong with the product. Other kinds of refunds will not be accepted.

Reasoning something of the following:

  • This tweak wasn't what I though it would be
  • I don't want this package anymore
  • I want my money back!!! is not a valid reason for a refund. Only "broken" purchases will be refunded.

Please, think before you buy. You agree to this policy by purchasing this widget.

A free macOS style theme can be downloaded here: Mojave