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Alium Light

Giulio Smedile

A new genre in theming.

Alium Light: a new genre in iOS Theming

See YouTube video HERE

Alium Light is the first theme in a new genre of iOS themes. It uses a custom SnowBoard extension developed by SparkDev that allows each icon to have a custom blurred background underneath it.

In this way you can have your device look exactly how you want it to look, depending heavily on your background.

Alium Light comes bundled with 2 versions of the same icon set. Alium Light White and Alium Light Dark are thought to accomodate every need for every user.

While Alium Light White can dynamically change the icon background depending from the device mode (either dark or light), I've set Alium Dark to always keep a white background, for legibility reasons.


  • A dynamic icon background system, thanks to the Snowboard Blur Extension
  • Two unique styles to suite your every need (77 icons each, and more to come!)

How to use

Simply select the version you'd like to use and enable the SnowBoard extension! Easy as that. You can download the extension by adding SparkDev's repo

What's next?

I'm preparing a full version of the theme, that will contain around 300 icons for each variant, or perhaps even more! Stay tuned on my Twitter for further updates on the theme!