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Ian Welker

Send texts from your browser!


An app to send text messages from your browser


  • libsmserver, the tweak which allows sending texts with this app. It is also available on Twickd Repo, and should download automatically with this app.


  • Viewing all texts & iMessages from another device
  • Viewing image attachments in browser
  • Saving image attachments to device
  • Sending iMessages remotely, without on-device interaction
  • Sending all types of attachments from desktop
  • Authentication to protect against spying eyes
  • Ability to permanently change passwords and default values
  • Background operation of server for unlimited time, with screen on or off.
  • Ability to set custom css rules for easy web interface customization
  • More-than-stock accurate search API

To run

  1. Open the SMServer app, and click the green 'play' button in the bottom left.
  2. Open your browser to the ip/port combo specified at the top of the view
  3. Authenticate with the default password (toor), or your own custom password if you already set one
  4. Enjoy!
  5. (Optional) Customize the defaults under the settings section of the app to better fit your needs

Source Code -- Feel free to star, fork, or file an issue here if there's anything that needs fixing