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Soft Remix 4 Beta


Soft Remix 4

This is Soft Remix 4!

Soft Remix is back for iOS 13!

Soft Remix was originally created by MagWhiz, but he abandoned the Soft Remix theme in 2015 with Soft Remix 3 for iOS 8.

Fully compatible with iOS 13 and every other iOS version supported by SnowBoard. Keep in mind that this is a beta package! Many icons are missing and using icons from my other Theme Twisted as placeholders.

I'm not the original creator of the Soft Remix themes, all credit goes to MagWhiz!

  • This theme was created using the original .PSD file MagWhiz uploaded to his DropBox in 2018 as a part of his private iOS 10 version. Therefore I believe Soft Remix is an Open Source theme. I will take it down if MagWhiz has a problem with me updating and sharing it.

Original by MagWhiz, updated iOS 13 version by J3nRa1n