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Vancouver CC


Vancouver Control Center Prysm

Current supported toggles are Connectivity, Media Controls, Brightness & Volume, Flashlight, Rotation, Calculator, Do Not Disturb, Alarm, Low Power Mode, Camera, VPN, Screenshot, Wallet, Home App, Apple Tv Remote

Most Have flip Convert Installs Needs Snowboard or iThemer to enable Works with Prysm Control Center Tweak by Laughing Quoll & team Added Support for upcoming Quart tweak by Laughing Quoll & team

In order to get some modules in Prysm to work you most copy the files. Use Filza Library - Themes - Arrow cc - Bundles - Prysm - Icons - Edit - Select All - Copy Then back to Library - Application Support - Prysm - Icons - Past & replace Do the Same Process to take the Icons from the Quart folder Enable Static Glyphs in Prysm Settings to get Brightness & Volume toggles changed.