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iOS Winter


A beautiful painstakingly detailed 3D dark and light theme experiance combined! Designed and brought to you and your mobile device by kid1carus.

Winter is here, so why not have an awesome theme on your iOS device to mark the occasion!?

iOS Winter is a painstakingly detailed dark icon on a silvery gray backdrop theme. Making your phone not only look way different than anyone elses, but sophisticated and stylish as well. This theme also includes 2 different looks for your calendar and 3 clock variations along with alternate icons.

Have an icon that you want themed to match. Just send your icon request to me on twitter @kid1carus1 and it will be included in the following update.

Please look at the depictions of the theme before purchasing, All sales of this theme are final, no refunds. Copyright infringement & Piracy are illegal, do not do it and do not support it! Support the people who work hard to bring you the themes and tweaks you love. 🙏🏼❤️