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Real Weather Icon


Animated photorealistic weather icon for your iOS device.

An animated PHOTOREALISTIC replacement icon for the iOS stock Weather app. Make your homescreen stand out from the rest with this beautiful animated weather icon. Looks like a real sun, moon and clouds agains a day and night sky.

Toonsy or Fingal is required for the icon to animate. Fingal is a free tweak by Charlie Hewitt and can be installed from his repo at Toonsy (or I believe it may now be called Fingal Dummy) can be downloaded for free from VA2RON1's repo. Just add to your preferred package installer. Runs on both iPhone and iPad.

Please look at the depictions of the theme before purchasing, All sales of this theme are final, no refunds. Copyright infringement & Piracy are illegal, do not do it and do not support it! Support the people who work hard to bring you the themes and tweaks you love. 🙏🏼❤️