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A sweet mini icon theme with alpha grey icon and perfect shadow.

Little Os My new theme, a sweet mini icon at the bottom right. Based on apple standard app design, reflect the original iOS icons and color. Some app have new unique look. With my personal šŸ’Ž fx preset. You can choice your look from 6 sweet Shadow and 3 Overlay. On 1.0.5 I implemented the White version with Original Size and a Glyph theme.

LittleOs contains:

  • 220 icons for main theme
  • 130 icons for standard size
  • 130 icons Glyph
  • 6 themed dock ( only for iPhone)
  • 3 Badges
  • 3 Overlay ( standard now is selectable, neu and new )
  • 6 Shadow ( 420, Light and Xmas)

For icon requests, contact me on Twitter @lukapillitteri Little Os was tested with Snowboard on iPhone and iPad from iOS 11 to 14 This is a starter price because I planned to release other version of the theme maybe with some cool think, request are lifetime accepted if you buy the theme. Follow me and dm me your opinion! Iā€™m open to all feedback!

Check out my other themes: Inner, ChameOs, LKMarbled, GlassyOs and the other free fx and theme.

Hope you like it. Enjoy my theme!!!