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iAutoReply is an awesome and smart tweak. It replies to all your iMessages and SMS automatically when you are busy.

iAutoReply - iMessages and SMS [iOS12.x-13.x]

iAutoReply will let you stay busy and also it won't let anyone feel ignored who texts you!

Maybe you are busy in a meeting, chilling with your friends, or having some nice sleep iAutoReply is always there to help you... iAutoReply will make sure that anyone who texts you knows that you are unable to respond and will get back to them as soon as possible.

You can set Different replies to all the available contacts or you can use Global feature to reply the same message to all the incoming messages. Match and reply feature is available for both of the options.


  • AutoReply to all the incoming iMessages and Text Messages.
  • Activator action to enable iAutoReply.
  • Activator action to disable iAutoReply.
  • CC toggle to enable/disable iAutoReply.
  • Selectable contacts and different replies for each of the contacts.
  • Custom reply when a word matches to the received iMessages and Text Messages.
  • iAutoReply won't mark iMessages or Text Messages as read.
  • BlackList a selected contact from receiving auto-replies.
  • Delay before replying to a received message.
  • Sentence matching and reply feature.

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