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Stellar multitasking


Stellar Multitasking

Quickly switch between recently used apps in style. Double tap the homescreen to show Astrid's window, and double tap again to dismiss. These gestures can be customized more in Settings.

Requires Cephei, libsparkcolourpicker, and libPDDokdo



• Custom blurs or colors for app cards & background • Customizable icon radius • Custom font sizes • Dark, light or automatic mode for card details and Quick Actions


• Choose between a rounded badge, notifications label or both


• Select your haptic feedback vibration strength

Activation & Deactivation

• Show Astrid's window by double tapping, or long pressing on the homescreen • Hide Astrid's window with a double tap, long press or a swipe to the right

Quick Actions

• Add the option to kill current app by swiping left • Pause, play, skip or rewind your current playing media

Other Options

• Show current track and artist, as well as album artwork on Music or media card • Show battery percent remaining, or WiFi address on Settings card • Show current weather conditions on Weather card • Choose between: respring, safemode, lock device, kill all apps or nothing, when holding on an Astrid card

In app switching and Activator support coming soon