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Combine the today page with the control center with new gestures to open the control center. @itsnicho1as on Twitter!

Dyadic - Cleaner Interface.

Dyadic combines the today view with the control center for a cleaner interface. There really is no reason to have the today view in so many places, instead only have it in the control center. It really feels natural. Compatible with iOS 13 and 12

I'm very pleased to finally release this heavily requested tweak that I've been working on very hard. Hope you like it! I will be actively working on updating Dyadic!

Refunds PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING Twickd doesn't currently support refunds, so it's very hard for me to do refunds right now. If you need to get a refund, contact me on Twitter and have a good reason and then I may be able to do it. I simply can't refund because it "didn't suit you". If it's about an issue with the tweak I will do everything that I can to resolve the issue. I read and respond to all messages I get and I'm very grateful for all feedback.


  • Compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 12. (iOS 12 requires Dyadic version 1.2 or higher).
  • Compatible with both iPhones and iPads.
  • Fully compatible with Prysm by LaughingQuoll.
  • Confirmed compatible with Magma Evo by NoisyFlake.


  • Stock widgets in the control center, all widgets operate as they should.
  • New gestures to open the control center, drag from bottom right to invoke control center toggles and bottom left to invoke control center widgets. Or top left pull gesture for the widgets.
  • Stock dark or light mode for the widgets.
  • Widgets/toggles buttons are removable from settings.
  • Adaptive grabber bars that changes from black to white depending on background color next to the home grabber to indicate the new gestures.
  • Option to remove the today view everywhere but in Dyadic, configurable to remove only on the home screen or lock screen, or both.
  • Option to remove the status bar in the control center.
  • Option to remove widgets footer text under the edit button, such as weather provider information.
  • Configurable speed settings for swiping between toggles and widgets.
  • Option to remove the top chevron grabber on older devices.
  • All of the above can be configures in settings.

Planned Features

  • iPhone landscape support.

Support If you have any feature requests or find any bugs open an issue on GitHub. For updates on Dyadic or other projects I'm working on, follow me on Twitter @itsnicho1as. I take all bug reports and ideas seriously!

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