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Ray Delvalle

It’s a sweet, sweet, sweet type of theme. Let your iPhone get a taste of the candy pieces.


Its just a sweet theme to have. Do you have a sweet tooth?

This theme goes good with RevaUI by @‪alolastmoment

  • 300+ icons, more coming soon...
  • Includes settings theme.
  • A few UI things. I say use Reva UI. (Might remove UI elements)
  • Need a icon themed? Icon request?,I do not limit how many apps you can request, however I ask that you be respectful/mindful of my time and availability to complete your request. It may take up to 24 hours.
  • Please feel free to send me a DM on twitter; @justAT3chGuy
  • Also by email; @[email protected]
  • Come hangout with me over on Reddit; @u/justAT3chGuy
  • This Theme also work on on checkra1n devices.
  • it should work on ios 12x ? Shoot me a DM if any issue.

important NOTICED!

"SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension", "SnowBoard UI Extension" "SnowBoard StatusBar Extension" "Snowboard Dock Extension" "Snowboard Font Extension" "Snowboard Icon Effects & Mask Extension" MUST BE INSTALLED FROM SPARK'S REPO in oder to take full advance of this theme. Can also use "iThermer or Iconomatic." Your Choice. (iThemer Link) (Iconomatic Link)

  • Love my work? Wanna help me grow as a theme creator? You can send a small donation to PaypAL OR CashApp