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Ray Delvalle

Just like SpongeBobs butterfly friend “Wormy” iOS icons just got caught up in the mixed and ended up under the sea surrounded by a beautiful bubble. Well you pop the bubble?


Put your icons in a bubble to begin the trip to Bikini Bottom with Wormy13!

This theme also goes good with RevaUI by @‪alolastmoment

  • 100+ icons, more coming soon... (Work In Progress)
  • Includes settings icon theme.
  • Need a icon themed? Icon request?,I do not limit how many apps you can request, however I ask that you be respectful/mindful of my time and availability to complete your request. It may take up to 24 hours.
  • Please feel free to send me a DM on twitter; @justAT3chGuy
  • Also by email; @[email protected]
  • Come hangout with me over on Reddit; @u/justAT3chGuy
  • This Theme also work on on checkra1n devices.

important NOTICED!

You wanna make sure to have these extension installed for Snowboard, "SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension", "SnowBoard UI Extension" "SnowBoard StatusBar Extension" "Snowboard Dock Extension" "Snowboard Font Extension" "Snowboard Icon Effects & Mask Extension" MUST BE INSTALLED FROM SPARK'S REPO in oder to take full advance of this theme. Can also use "iThermer or Iconomatic." Your Choice. (iThemer Link) (Iconomatic Link)

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