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Guest mode for iOS and iPadOS

If you let your friends, kids or parents use your phone too often, Now there is a better way to do it. We (SouthernGirlWhoCode & MeBlackHat) are pleased to introduce you to our latest tweak called "Restriction".

Restriction allows you to set up multiple and unlimited guest users on your device. Create a guest user profile and set up everything from the tweaks settings. Just type in the passcode normally, and it will load the home screen based on your configuration.


For users who jailbreak with CoolStar’s Taurine or Odyssey might experience issues with Restriction such as respring loop, crashed, safe mode and please do the following instruction below.

  • Install the ‘libhooker’ and ‘libhooker configurator’ tweaks
  • Open the libhooker app
  • Enter ‘tweak compatibility’ select (Restriction)
  • Change from libhooker to substrate compatibility

Read this before purchasing

Restriction supports all jailbroken devices running iOS 12, 13 & 14 and iPadOS 13 & 14

Hide Apps:

Select which apps you would like to show on the home screen for each user. Other apps will be hidden from the home screen.

Control Center:

Select whether a user can use the control center or not.


The guest users will only receive active app notifications. Disabled apps notifications won't be visible to him/her in any way those will be visible to the Admin account after exiting a guest users account.

Disable App Uninstall:

Select whether a user can uninstall the app from the home screen or not. If a guest user somehow (not possible but still) tries to open a disabled app that will be killed automatically as soon as it gets launched this is used as an extra protection.

Today View:

Select whether a user can open the Today View or not.


Select whether a user can open the spotlight search.


Use of Siri will be completely blocked in guest user mode. Guest users won't be able to use Siri at all.


Set a separate wallpaper for each guest user.


You can set the timer for each guest account as soon as that timer runs out the guest user will be logged out and will ask for an admin passcode.


I strongly think all tweaks should comes with nice preference bundles and make it easier for you to use. I’ve taken the liberty to build a beautiful preference and included the grid categories and made it more user-friendly so it won’t be confusing or complicated to navigate between different sections. I can understand from your point of view that you don’t like the colour that the developer included in their tweak’s preference. You won’t need to worry about this one because I have included 5 different themes apart from the default one so you can switch the themes to your liking. Basically it’s tailored specifically for you and the user’s end.


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