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Redesigned settings app main page

Normally your settings would look a bit plain and uninteresting. For bloody 13 years, the settings app has always been the same, not much new user interface added to settings. That’s why I’ve made this, it’s still the same settings but it has more features. You can rearrange the cells to any order of your choice and you can change the colour of their background. If something is connected or disconnected like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi it will have something saying “connected” or “disconnected” underneath it but if something is turned off like Airplane Mode it will say “off” underneath it.

Read this before purchasing

Works on iPhone running iOS 13 and it’s not made for iPad. Riveria will support iOS 14 soon once checkra1n adding support for A10 devices. Stay tuned by following me on social media.

CONFLICTS with Shuffle and PreferenceOrganizer, you will need to uninstall those tweaks!

What it offers

  • Naming three sections for tweaks, stock apps and third party apps

  • Pick any colour of your choice for cells or use a random colour it will change the cells colour every time you open settings

  • Font colour of your choice

  • Enabled or disabled state colour for Airplane Mode, Cellular Data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Haptic feedback when tapping on the cells

  • Scrolling flow direction either horizontal or vertical

  • Rearrange the cells or remove unwanted cells


I strongly think all tweaks should comes with nice preference bundles and make it easier for you to use. I’ve taken the liberty to build beautiful preference and included the grid categories and made it more user-friendly so it won’t be confusing or complicate to navigate between different sections. I can understand from your point of view that you don’t like the colour that the developer included in their tweak’s preference, you won’t need to worry about this one because I have included 5 different themes apart from the default one so you can switch the themes to your liking. Basically it’s tailored specifically for you and the user’s end.


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