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Add your favourite contacts to cards and accessible whenever you need to make a call or compose text message/email

Your regular contacts app is bland and not as intriguing as people would want it to be. Thats why these cards have been made so you can message, email, FaceTime or call your family and friends more quickly and more easily. You can add up to 10 different contacts on each card. When you’ve added a contact you can scroll down on that card and see their: phone number, email, birthday, social media and address. Normally if it was something like a phone call you’d have to leave the app you’re on and go on to the phone app then dial a number or choose who you would like to call. But with this you don’t have to you can just launch the cards and tap the call button to call a contact on the cards its the same with text message, email and FaceTime.

Read this before purchasing

Works on iPhone running iOS 13 and it’s not made for iPad. Riveria will support iOS 14 soon once checkra1n adding support for A10 devices. Stay tuned by following me on social media.

What it offers

  • When you press “remove contact” don’t be alarmed it will not delete the contact it will just remove it from the card it was once on

  • Can call, text, email or FaceTime any contact on a card quicker

  • Add up to 10 favourite contacts

  • You can colour the cards to your liking or change the font styles

  • Use 5 different gesture recogniser’s to display the cards: double tap on the status bar, press either up or down volume button, shake motion and double tap on the dock of your SpringBoard. I have added an activator listener too as it offers more gesture options


I strongly think all tweaks should comes with nice preference bundles and make it easier for you to use. I’ve taken the liberty to build beautiful preference and included the grid categories and made it more user-friendly so it won’t be confusing or complicate to navigate between different sections. I can understand from your point of view that you don’t like the colour that the developer included in their tweak’s preference, you won’t need to worry about this one because I have included 5 different themes apart from the default one so you can switch the themes to your liking. Basically it’s tailored specifically for you and the user’s end.


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