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NOTE AS OF 5/23/2020:

Okay guys, so i know this isn't the place at all to talk personal issues but I owe you all an explanation and an update on how future development is going to proceed. It has come to my attention recently that I have not been as good of a husband/father as I should be and I have been more attentive to this part of my life rather than what's truly important; showing my daughter what the world has to offer.

I can only hope that my daughter can find and surround herself with people that have been as amazing as all of you have. I have met so many amazing people and made some truly good friends that I hope I never lose contact with.

As for the future of my themes, I will be updating them as often as I possibly can. I will NOT be abandoning them. However, if it keeps interfering with my ability to be the proper support my family needs, then I will have to halt development for a undetermined amount of time. I have currently taken the request form offline though. But just know that whatever happens, THIS IS NOT THE END! I hope you all understand this. This is a very hard decision and it is definitely not a pleasant one but I know that it truly is the right one and I hope you can all understand the position that I have put myself in and why I am making these decisions. I love you all and I promise that I will be back someday!!

That said, I have made the themes free for EVERYONE TO ENJOY! My work was only ever set as paid packages to help assist my family during the quarantine. While it has brought some money in, I have essentially took away all meaning from my work by being so distant from my family. Since I am no longer able to work on them the way that a paid package should be, I have taken that price tag off. Stay safe everyone and please don’t forget to tell your family how much you love them.

- Your friendly neighbor, spooter.

The craft has been perfected. Embrace the darkness.

OLED themes have reached a new standard.

Need more color? Mavro is a variant of the widely loved theme Glyphy


  • 1660+ icons with more added almost daily!
  • 2 icon overlays/background for those that like square icons!
  • 5 dock styles
  • 2 folder styles
  • 2 optional StatusBar themes and a battery for the Juice tweak!
  • Custom badges
  • FULL settings theming!
  • More clock styles coming soon!

Message Bubbles

For the message bubbles, you have several options to remove that pesky line that appears behind text: 

  • BubbleLineRemover
  • DopeConvos (Make sure to enable "Enable UI theming" option, and "Disable Mask on Images")
  • Tap the UI extension in Snowboard settings and enable “Force Hide Bubble Gradient” Note: if your outgoing text is white and you can’t see it, you need a tweak to color the message bubbles

IMPORTANT NOTE: "SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension", "SnowBoard Preset Extension", and "SnowBoard StatusBar Extension" MUST BE INSTALLED FROM SPARK'S REPO IN ORDER TO THEME THE SETTINGS ICONS AND STATUSBAR! "SnowBoard UI Extension" is needed for the UI Switches and Message bubbles but is also needed for certain parts of the settings theming.

IF YOU USE "SettingsWidgets":

Open Filza and navigate to \Library\Themes\Mavro Settings.theme\settings widgets icons and select all the pictures and copy them. Now, navigate to \Library\Application Support\SettingsInfo and paste/replace the icons that are currently in that folder.


My request form has been taken offline for an undetermined amount of time. Please read the note at the top of the description for more info.


The glowing effect around some of the icons in the screenshots is not part of the theme. This is a tweak called FireFly!

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Reddit: u/GalbraithM
Twitter: @ogpeemons

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