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App to see installed app bundle IDs.

This app allows you to see the Bundle ID's of all the applications installed on your device. The original BundleIDs app was created by @NoahSaso and was maintained up until late 2017. Sadly the app was only ever compiled for 32-bit devices. As of BundleIDsXI 2.0 this has now become a fully new spiritual successor to the original BundleIDs. The whole app has essentially been rewritten from the ground up to better support all devices running iOS 11-14 with 64-bit support included. This project would not be where it is today without all of the amazing help from @Skittyblock, @TheTomMetzger, @EthanWhited, and @xerusdesign. Skitty helped me get the intial BundleIDsXI started back when iOS 11 first came out. Skitty is also the author of the AppList alternative that we now use in the 2.0 rewrite to avoid dependencies and support iOS 14. Tom also assisted me with the initial BundleIDsXI builds and getting it working for 64-bit devices running iOS 11 and up. Ethan helped get the initial iOS 13 update working with app icons for the original BundleIDsXI. Ethan has also helped with many of the new features of the 2.0 rewrite. Without Ethan we would not have Dark Mode support for iOS 13+ devices, new confirmation alert views, this amazing new icon, and many other bug fixes and features throughout the rewrite. Staying true to the original project, I have made my update open source for all to take a look at and even help me learn by helping me update the app further. You can check out my original fork of the app as well as the 2.0 rewrite on my GitHub page.