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Dynamic Wallpapers Generation!

DynaWall is an amazing wallpaper app with a plethora of features. It strives to be a one stop shop for everything related to wallpapers.


  • Create Dynamic Wallpapers from your Photo Library with a beautiful UI

  • Create Stock-like Live Wallpapers with videos from your Photo Library. (NEW in v2)

  • Create Gradient wallpapers- When you choose an image, you get a cool button that creates a beautiful looking gradient from the image and applies it to the other appearance. (NEW in v3.0)

  • Command line Mode: Provide a path to the Image files for light and dark and call dynawallcli and it’ll do the rest and set wallpapers for you. Just call dynawallcli --help for a nice overview of what you can do. (NEW in v3.0)

  • Smart Crop: Device Specific crop to create and set perfect wallpapers every single time. This uses a painstakingly handmade database for every single device on iOS 13 that makes Dynawall smarter than ever before. (NEW in v3.0)

  • Image Filters support. If you're looking for a monochrome look, head to settings and tap the Black and White filter option. Every image will now automatically be recolored to black and white. (NEW in v2.1)

  • Full iPad support: DynaWall works amazingly on iPads now with fullscreen, slide-over and split-view support. (NEW in v2.1)

(Note: iPads do not support live wallpapers out of the box. r/Jailbreak has guides to enable Live Wallpaper support)

  • Copy and reverse images button added: (NEW in v2.1)

    • If you have one image selected, a new copy button will appear, tap on it to copy the image to the other free slot. This can be used to make still wallpapers.
      • If you have both the images selected, the copy button will be a reverse button instead. You can swap the positions of the images.
  • Native iOS design

  • Magic Fill Feature: Load images from multiple online sources:

  • Load Images from Online Sources:

    • Unsplash:
      • Light Images are pulled from Nature, Mountains and Sea categories (Completely configurable, NEW in V2)
      • Dark Images are pulled from City and Night (Completely configurable, NEW in V2)
    • Images from Subreddits. (Yes, even memes.) (NEW in v2)
    • Load Bing's Daily wallpapers
  • Configure online sources, and determine where to load images from. (NEW in v2)

  • Don't like an online image? Mix and Match online images with images from your Library!

  • Image Pinning: Like one image but hate the other? Pin one image and cycle the other! Even change image sources from settings and choose images while having an image pinned! All with a beautiful design you expect from iOS. (NEW in v1.1)


Report via the many ways to do so from within DynaWall's Settings, or use Twickd Support.


Depends on Wallpaper Loader by Skittyblock. Please install it too :)

Refund Policy

A refund will be issued if the tweak has a major reproducible bug that can‘t be fixed within 7 days. If the issue is not clear you will be asked to provide more details (Crashlog, tweak list for example). Change of mind refunds are granted if the purchase is within 24 hours and a valid reason is provided. Refund requests can be rejected at my own discretion. Refund requests because "it's not what I expected" will be rejected, the tweaks depiction and it's images provide a good description of what to expect. Refund requests may be closed within 7 days of no reply.

Replying to a refund request can take up to 7 days. Refunds are monitored and excessive returns by a single user are flagged and will be declined at my own discretion.