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Earth Dynamic Wallpaper


Apple’s Earth wallpapers, but Dynamic.

Apple's classic Earth (and moon) wallpapers, but Dynamic. Does the sun always shine? I don't think so, that's why a dynamic version (that matches your system theme) of the Earth wallpaper is the the perfect improvement for the classic iPhone wallpaper. Prefer to see the moon while dark theme is enabled? You're in luck, this set of wallpapers does also include a version with the moon

You will be able to use two variants of the Earth Wallpaper:

  • Earth, sunny while light theme is enabled, dark while dark theme is enabled.
  • Earth and Moon, a sunny earth with the light theme, the moon with the dark theme.

You can set the wallpaper right from the iOS wallpaper picker in the "Stills" collection.

These wallpapers are installed using WallpaperLoader, a 3rd party tweak library made by Skitty. You can download WallpaperLoader from Skitty's repo:

Thanks for using my wallpapers! If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please make sure to contact me on Telegram or by mail.

Telegram: tychoregter

Email: [email protected]