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Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers


Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers for Wallpaper Loader.

You're loving the Dynamic Mojave wallpapers on Mac you say? We've got you covered! I present you Dynamic Mojave Wallpaper, the Mojave wallpaper for iOS, changing based on your system theme!

As of now this tweak does only include a single (dynamic) wallpaper.

You can set the wallpaper right from the iOS wallpaper picker in the "Stills" collection.

These wallpapers are installed using WallpaperLoader, a 3rd party tweak library made by Skitty. You can download WallpaperLoader from Skitty's repo:

Thanks for using my wallpapers! If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please make sure to contact me on Telegram or by mail.

Telegram: tychoregter

Email: [email protected]