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Your Device. Your Way.


Modernize13 is a tweak that allows users to customize their device in new and exciting ways. This tweak goes quite well with another tweak of mine called CustomLock 2, as they both share the ability to redesign and customize the boring interface we've had since iOS 7.


Modernize13 currently allows for customizing:

  • Control Center
  • Dock
  • Icon Pages
  • Lock Screen
  • Power Menu
  • SpringBoard
  • System-Wide Annoyances


If you need any support regarding my tweaks, feel free to contact me on Twitter, either through sending me a message, or tweeting at me. I will usually respond within 24 hours, unless I'm away for some reason. Check my pinned tweet, to see if I'm currently away or not.


If you have any suggestions for new features, new tweaks, or feature changes regarding one of my tweaks, please feel free to share them with me on Twitter, either by messages or tweeting at me. I'm always 100% open to suggestions, as I can't always think of everything everyone wants. All feedback is incredibly appreciated.