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Felicity Pro


Felicity, but Pro.

Felicity, but Pro.

Please Note:

This theme requires a theming engine to work. Some of these theming engine's include SnowBoard, iThemer and Anemone. Felicity Pro has been specifically built to be used with SnowBoard, but any of the above should work. This theme supports theming Settings App Icons. For this to work, you will need to install SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension from this repo:


Felicity Pro takes everything that was great about Felicity and pushes is further. With Felicity Pro, there is an all new redesign with deeper shadows and sharper glyphs. Many of the gradients and colors have also been improved for an all-round improved and more premium look and feel. Felicity Pro supports 500. This is a number that will only grow with future releases. There is also a total of 19 alternate icons at launch and you can expect this number to grow too. Every icon has been made with great care and attention to detail to ensure that all your icons have a uniform appearance. Felicity Pro has 3 different Alt Icon folders accessible through you Theming engine. These 3 folders have many different alt icon options so you can fully customize your icons. Some of these alt icons include different styled wallet icons to iOS 9/10 iTunes & AppStore Icons.

How is this better than Felicity?

Well, first (and most obvious), Felicity Pro supports double the icons. A total of 500 (reg felicity is around 250).

All new redesign. Every single icon has been completely redone with deeper shadows and sharper glyphs. I certainly prefer this new redesign, and i am sure you will too!

Future updates. More and more updates will be coming to Felicity Pro in the future with all new content.

Whats to come?

There is more to come to Felicity Pro that you wont want to miss. Heres a short list of some of the things i plan to add in the Future: Settings Icons More icon support (DM me @xerusdesign on twitter with your icon requests!) UI Elements Wallpapers


I would like to thank all of the people that have supported the development of Felicity Pro. Whether it be sending me icon requests, or simply supporting/liking/retweeting my posts on twitter. It really helps me when developing. It keeps me motivated and excited and hopefully it shows in my work.

If you like this theme and want to follow its development, you should follow me on Twitter @xerusdesign to keep up to date with future updates!